The density of the tourist sights of Lisbon requires visitors not only to thoroughly plan their stay in the capital of Portugal in order to be able to cover as much as possible of the tourist richness of the city, but also to carefully conceive a balanced way of spending the budget assigned to this pursuit. Given this state of affairs, the city of Lisbon welcomes its visitors by putting forward a much prized tourist tool, namely, the Lisbon Card, which allows holders to enter for free to plenty of museums and other attractions, entitling them to sundry other substantial discounts.

The Lisbon Card proper is complemented, as far as the tourist initiative of the city is concerned, by the Shopping Card, by the Restaurant Card and by the Taxi Voucher. These are specialized cards which allow visitors to enjoy the thrill of shopping, restaurant hopping and getting around by taxi with substantial discounts.

But speaking about the Lisbon Card, holders must keep in mind its period of validity is one year from the date of the purchase, in case it is not used immediately. The card comes in three versions: the 24-hour card, the 48-hour card and the 72-hour card. Holders have the right to visit for free at 26 museums in Lisbon and plenty other objectives, such as the National Museum of Theater, the National Pantheon and the Belem Tower, just to cite a few examples.

Furthermore, cardholders are entitled, as said, to important discounts (between 10% and 30% of the full price) when visiting the Monument to the Discoveries, the Castle of Saint George, the Fado Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Military Museum, and so on. On top of that, the Lisbon Card is an ideal tool for getting around in Lisbon and in its close surroundings, since the card allows tourists to travel for free by bus, by tram, by train (only certain railway connections), by the funicular system of the city and by metro.

The cards can be purchased from any of the tourist information offices in Lisbon. Not using a card of this kind while visiting Lisbon is a sign of regrettable carelessness.

For complete information on the purchase prices, sale points and sights where the card is accepted to the tourists' benefit, visit the official tourism portal of Lisbon.

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