Eduardo VII Park

Filling a surface of 26 hectares, the Eduardo VII Park is the largest public park in Lisbon. The venue neighbors on Praca do Marques de Pombal and, southwards, on Avenida... Eduardo VII Park

Tropical Agricultural Garden

The Tropical Agricultural Garden of Lisbon was set up in 1906, and one of the things it boasts most of refers to the fact nothing of its original floral patrimony... Tropical Agricultural Garden

Garden of San Pedro de Alcantara

Located in the vicinity of the Bairro Alto district, the Garden of San Pedro de Alcantara, also known as Belvedere of San Pedro de Alcantara (Miradouro de Sao Pedro de... Garden of San Pedro de Alcantara

Garden of Santa Catarina

Locals of Lisbon are very fond of the small Garden of Santa Catarina due to the panoramic views if offers to the city, in particular to the Tagus River and... Garden of Santa Catarina

Botanical Garden of the University of Lisbon

Once deemed the most important botanical garden in Europe, the Botanical Garden of the University of Lisbon, often referred to in a simpler way as the Botanical Garden, still manages... Botanical Garden of the University of Lisbon

Ajuda Botanical Garden

Located north of the Coach Museum (one of the most visited museums in Lisbon) in the Belem district, the Ajuda Botanical Garden enjoys the reputation of being the oldest botanical... Ajuda Botanical Garden

Estrela Garden

Locals of Lisbon are very fond of the Estrela Garden. This is a beautifully landscaped venue, with family-oriented leisure facilities giving all visitors the opportunity to spend a few relaxing... Estrela Garden

Campo Grande Garden

The history of the Campo Grande Garden in Lisbon begins in the 19th century. In the mid 20th century, more precisely, in 1945, it was laid out in the spirit... Campo Grande Garden

Calouste Gulbenkian Garden

The Calouste Gulbenkian Garden is the venue where the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum and the Center of Modern Art are all located. This is, perhaps, one of... Calouste Gulbenkian Garden

Nations Park

The Nations Park, widely known even to English speaking visitors as Parque das Nacoes, is not a garden proper, but rather an area of Lisbon. The area was dramatically transformed... Nations Park

Monsanto Municipal Camping Park

The Monsanto Municipal Camping Park (locally referred to as Parque Municipal de Campismo de Monsanto) is, as the name suggests, a camping site in Lisbon, and one of the first-hand... Monsanto Municipal Camping Park

Monsanto Forest Park

Stretching on a surface of about 10 square kilometers, the Monsanto Forest Park (Parque Florestal de Monsanto) is the largest green space in Lisbon, such that it can be easily... Monsanto Forest Park

Monsanto Ecological Park

The Monsanto Ecological Park, also referred to as the Ecological Park of Lisbon, is located in the namesake Forest Park, filling a surface of 50 hectares. Parts of it are... Monsanto Ecological Park

Santana Mills Park

Located in the Monsanto Forest Park and filling a surface of about 5 hectares, the Santana Mills Park is one of the highlights one can stumble across while searching out... Santana Mills Park

Alvito Park

Located in the Monsanto Forest Park, the Alvito Park is one of the most popular family-oriented recreation parks in Lisbon. It is fitted with all sorts of facilities intended for... Alvito Park

Alto da Serafina Park

The Alto da Serafina Park, which is also known to locals as the Indians Park, is yet another recreation park in the Monsanto Forest Park in Lisbon. It is, it... Alto da Serafina Park

Principe Real Garden

While strolling around in the surroundings of the Bairro Alto district of Lisbon, tourists can stumble across one of the most spectacular small gardens of the city. We speak of... Principe Real Garden

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