Jeronimos Monastery

Also referred to as the Hieronymites Monastery (from the name of the first community of monks who populated and to whom the monastery was entrusted), the Jeronimos Monastery is undeniably... Jeronimos Monastery

Carmo Convent and Church

One of the most dramatic tourist sights in Lisbon refers to the roofless Carmo Convent and Church. This is not a place of worship proper, given at present it is... Carmo Convent and Church

Church of Sao Roque

While the exterior of the Church of Sao Roque is a plain as it gets, with no striking elements to catch tourists’ eye, the interior is a whole different story.... Church of Sao Roque

Estrela Basilica

The Estrela Basilica is located just nearby one of the most beautiful parks in Lisbon, namely, Jardim da Estrela. The edifice is one of the most breathtaking Neoclassical churches in... Estrela Basilica

Lisbon Cathedral

The Lisbon Cathedral, officially referred to as Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa (Patriarchal Cathedral of Saint Mary Major), is the oldest place of worship in Lisbon. Given its age and... Lisbon Cathedral

Monastery of Sao Vicente de Fora

The present Monastery of Sao Vicente de Fora dates back to the 16th century, when King Philip II of Spain (King Philip I of Portugal) ordered the reconstruction of a... Monastery of Sao Vicente de Fora

Church of Santa Engracia

As from 1966, under the rule of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, the Church of Santa Engracia has been renamed the National Pantheon due to the fact plenty of nationwide important... Church of Santa Engracia

Church of Saint Anthony

The Church of Saint Anthony is dedicated to Saint Anthony of Lisbon (Santo Antonio de Lisboa), widely known as Saint Anthony of Padua. It is located on the very site... Church of Saint Anthony

Old Church of Our Lady of the Conception

Next to the Jeronimos Monastery and to the Belem Tower, the Old Church of Our Lady of the Conception (its facade, at least) is one of the few remaining edifices... Old Church of Our Lady of the Conception

Church of Sao Domingos

The present Church of Sao Domingos was built subsequently to the 1755 earthquake of Lisbon on the site of a convent, the Sao Domingos Convent, retained by the national history... Church of Sao Domingos

Memoria Church

The Memoria Church is a smaller place of worship in Lisbon, but given its historical background, as well as the architectural merits, it is well worth a visit. The church... Memoria Church

Ancient Convent of the Holy Trinity

The Ancient Convent of the Holy Trinity is, at present, visited by all sorts of tourists, but not for the reasons one might think of at first. Far from keeping... Ancient Convent of the Holy Trinity

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