The National Theater Museum (Museu Nacional do Teatro) of Lisbon tries to piece out the history of the Portuguese theater as from the 18th century until today. Its collections include all sorts of theater-related items, such as costumes, posters, tickets, stage props, manuscripts, as well as photographs. This 300,000-item miscellaneous collection provides an insight as wide as possible into the historical trajectory of the national theater scene.

The museum opened to the public no sooner than 1985, and while it is not one of the most popular museums in Lisbon, being overshadowed by more renowned and spectacular landmarks, it is still well worth a visit. Its collection is sheltered in the old Monteiro-Mor Palace, which had to be restored in order to suit the necessities of the museum.

National Theater Museum (Museu Nacional do Teatro)
10, Estrada do Lumiar, Lisbon, Portugal
00351 217 567410
00351 217 575714
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