Baixa Pombalina

Baixa Pombalina, or, more simply put, Baixa, is a district of Lisbon and one of the most popular even, at least from a tourist point of view. The prestige of... Baixa Pombalina


There’s no better description of the Belem district of Lisbon other than that of a bundle of tourist sights. The history of Belem is greatly linked to the age of... Belém


Most of the districts of Lisbon, Belem, Baixa and Chiado included, boast of rich historical backgrounds at present materialized in the huge architectural patrimony each of them proudly display to... Alfama


Chiado is located between the Baixa and the Bairro Alto districts of Lisbon, and it can be best described as the hub of the most exhilarating shopping and cultural opportunities... Chiado

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is the high district of Lisbon, which is why it is often compared with Baixa (downtown of Lisbon), at least geographically speaking. The passage from Baixa to Bairro... Bairro Alto

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