Castle of Saint George

The Castle of Saint George is one of the oldest edifices in Lisbon and, by force of its historical background, one of the most prized tourist sights in the capital... Castle of Saint George

Belem Tower

Together with the Jeronimos Monastery, the Belem Tower is one of the most symbolic edifices of Lisbon. It too is an exquisite materialization of the superb Manuelin style (with discrete... Belem Tower

Ajuda National Palace

The Ajuda National Palace is a splendid neoclassical jewel of Lisbon, located in the Belem district, in the close vicinity of sights like the Jeronimos Monastery and the Belem Tower.... Ajuda National Palace

Fronteira Palace

The Fronteira Palace, also known as the Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira, is the privately owned property, but parts of it are opened to visits, and only on a... Fronteira Palace

Belem Palace

The history of the Belem Palace, otherwise known as the Belem National Palace or the National Palace of Belem, goes back to the 16th century, when King Manuel I purchased... Belem Palace

Sao Bento Palace

The history of the Sao Bento Palace (that is, the Saint Benedict’s Palace), which is now home to the Portuguese Parliament (or the Assembly of the Republic, in Portuguese, Assembleia... Sao Bento Palace

Monument to the Discoveries

Despite the fact the Monument to the Discoveries is not a historical monument proper, it does call fort one of the most thriving historical ages of Portugal, that is, the... Monument to the Discoveries

Casa dos Bicos

Casa dos Bicos (literally, the House of Spikes, from the pointy diamond-shaped stones which cover its facade) is a unique architectural gem in Lisbon. Located in the Alfama district, the... Casa dos Bicos

Campo Pequeno Bullring

Bullfighting is a sort of symbolic icon of the Iberian Peninsula. There are, however, significant differences between the Portuguese and the Spanish bullfighting, of which the most important is the... Campo Pequeno Bullring

Sao Carlos National Theater

The Sao Carlos National Theater of Lisbon is a historical building erected in 1793 by order of Queen Maria I, in the context of a notable scarcity of opera houses... Sao Carlos National Theater

National Sanctuary of Christ the King

The National Sanctuary of Christ the King is an impressive monument located in the neighboring city of Almada which, from a 110-meter height, overlooks Lisbon from one end of the... National Sanctuary of Christ the King

Funicular System of Lisbon

The funicular system of Lisbon, which is part of the public surface transport system of the city, managed by Carris, consists of four elevators (ascensores e elevadores). Given their age... Funicular System of Lisbon

Rossio Train Station

The Rossio Train Station is not just one of the most eye-catching architectural landmarks of Lisbon, but also one of the most intriguing train stations in Europe. The station was... Rossio Train Station

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