Guincho Beach

Situated on the Estoril coast in Portugal, only 5 kilometers away from Cascais, and easily accessible by bus or by train, the Guincho Beach (Praia do Guincho) is renowned as... Guincho Beach

Troia Beach

If tranquility is what you want, you had better head straight for the Troia Peninsula. Travelers are always astonished by the seemingly unlimited distances of soft white sand and by... Troia Beach

Portinho da Arrabida

In many travelers’ opinion, Portinho da Arrabida is one of the unmatched beaches of Portugal. Tourists are allured by the protective mountain behind the beach, knowing that it prevents winds... Portinho da Arrabida


Situated south of Lisbon, Meco is rather difficult to reach, since the village is serviced by less than 10 buses per day. If tourists leave from Lisbon, they need to... Meco


The village of Ericeira is just one hour and a half bus trip away from Lisbon (bus leaves from Campo Grande station). Therefore, the number one advantage it provides to... Ericeira

Praia da Adraga

Adraga Beach is another stunningly beautiful beach in Portugal. To travelers looking for picture-perfect spots this beach will look like a gift from the gods. Situated north of Guincho, at... Praia da Adraga

Praia de Sereia in Caparica

Costa da Caparica is situated at short distance from Lisbon, south of the Tejo River and very easily accessible via means of public transportation. Presently, Portuguese and foreign tourists alike... Praia de Sereia in Caparica

Praia da Cabana do Pescador in Caparica

Another wonderful beach in the Caparica town is Praia da Cabana do Pescador, famous for the bar that has been installed there, granting to sunbathers the possibility of listening to... Praia da Cabana do Pescador in Caparica


Situated at a half an hour train ride from Lisbon, the Tamariz Beach is popular precisely owing to its proximity to the capital. Moreover, the trains that reach Tamariz are... Tamariz

Sesimbra Beach

Sesimbra is a fishing village situated south of Lisbon; it is easily accessible via the motorway toward Setubal. Travelers will reach the location and find a place dedicated to fishing... Sesimbra Beach

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