Administratively pertaining to the municipality of Cascais, Estoril is a must-visit for all tourists who spend their vacation in Lisbon. The town is located some 30 kilometers west of the... Estoril


While Lisbon remains one of the top Portuguese destinations, with plenty of attractions to keep tourists busy, the Lisbon coast does have its share of landmarks which turn the surroundings... Cascais


Sintra is one of the densest trip destinations visitors of Lisbon can explore in the surroundings of the Portuguese capital city. In fact, given the plethora of attractions in Sintra,... Sintra


Located halfway between Lisbon and Cascais, 12 kilometers west of Lisbon, Carcavelos does not necessarily entice tourists by a wealth of architectural landmarks or by a surprising historical patrimony. It... Carcavelos


Sesimbra lures visitors with its beaches, nature beauties and traditional fish restaurants. For holidaymakers of Lisbon, the ancient Sesimbra is a wonderful opportunity to escape the city for a day... Sesimbra


Setubal is located some 40 kilometers south of Lisbon, and it counts as one of the most important ports in Portugal, with an economy thriving on the fishing industry. But... Setubal

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