Tourists keen on the history of artillery and warfare should definitely head for the Military Museum of Lisbon. The museum is said to feature one of the finest and widest collections of swords, fire arms and, generally speaking, warfare-related items in the world. Highlights refer to a massive 14th century bronze cannon (weighing more than 20 tons), to Vasco da Gama’s sword (displayed in the Vasco da Gama room, where there are also showcased items related to the history of the way the sea route to India was discovered), to the collection of World War One exhibits and to the Portuguese artillery section.

The museum also accommodates a scattered collection of fine art works (chiefly, paintings and sculptures). The museum, formerly dubbed the Artillery Museum, is located just nearby the Santa Apolonia Train Station. It can be visited with a 20% discount by holders of a Lisbon Card.

Military Museum (Museu Militar)
Largo do Museu da Artilharia, Lisbon, Portugal
00351 218 842569
00351 218 842569
Opening hours:
10am to 5pm
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