Locals of Lisbon are very fond of the Estrela Garden. This is a beautifully landscaped venue, with family-oriented leisure facilities giving all visitors the opportunity to spend a few relaxing moments away from the hustle of the city. The garden was laid out in the mid 19th century (between 1842 and 1852) in an exquisite English style, trying to recreate, by artificial means, the look and the atmosphere of a refreshing oasis. It is, thus, one of the oldest public gardens in Lisbon.

Thus, the Estrela Garden, commonly referred to as the Central Park of Lisbon, is a splendid refuge sunken in the heavy greenery (old trees, shrubs, flowerbeds) pegged out by refreshing ponds, fountains and grottoes. Ducks crisscross the ponds and, in order to enhance furthermore the appeal of the parks, its alleys are dotted with statues. The central attraction of the garden refers to a wrought iron pavilion where open-air music shows are held during the summer season. A library can also be spotted in the Estrela Garden.

The venue is overtopped by the Estrela Basilica, one of the most notable religious edifices in Lisbon, which pierces the air with its two slender bell tower in the immediate vicinity of the garden.

Estrela Garden (Jardim da Estrela)
Largo da Estrela, Lisbon, Portugal
Opening hours:
7am to 12pm
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