The Tropical Agricultural Garden of Lisbon was set up in 1906, and one of the things it boasts most of refers to the fact nothing of its original floral patrimony has been altered in time. The garden was founded by order of King Carlos I and, on top of the vegetal patrimony, it is well worth a visit by force of the fact it provides great relaxing moments while strolling in the refreshing set pegged out by waterfalls and ponds and populated, here and there, by peacocks.

Located in the district of Belem, the garden is also known as Jardim do Ultramar and as the Tropical Botanical Garden (Jardim Botanico Tropical), and it is a major attraction for botany aficionados, given the garden shelters more than 4,000 species of plants from tropical climates (chiefly, from the former colonies of Portugal) of which plenty are rare endangered species. This is why, on top of its tourist worth, the garden is also draws the attention of worldwide renowned scientists interested in studying the field.

The garden is also home to the Tropical Museum and to the Institute of Scientific Tropical Research (Instituto de Investigacao Cientifica Tropical).

Tropical Agricultural Garden / Tropical Botanical Garden (Jardim Agricola Tropical / Jardim do Ultramar)
Largo dos Jeronimos, Lisbon, Portugal
00351 213 609660 / 00351 213 609665
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