The Monsanto Ecological Park, also referred to as the Ecological Park of Lisbon, is located in the namesake Forest Park, filling a surface of 50 hectares. Parts of it are fenced, whereas others are left unenclosed. The ecological park accommodates an Interpretation Center, an exhibition space, an auditorium, as well as a center of multimedia resources. The headquarters of Quercus, a non-profit Portuguese organization militating for the preservation and protection of the environment, is also located here.

The purpose of the Ecological Park is to give visitors the opportunity to learn about the delicate balance between the chief coordinates of the environment (climate, flora, fauna, geology and the like) while making them aware of the ongoing issues related to the vulnerability of the environment and of the importance of its preservation.

Monsanto Ecological Park (Parque Ecologico de Monsato)
Parque Florestal de Monsanto, Lisbon, Portugal
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