Bairro Alto is the high district of Lisbon, which is why it is often compared with Baixa (downtown of Lisbon), at least geographically speaking. The passage from Baixa to Bairro Alto is made by crossing Chiado. From a tourist point of view, Bairro Alto stands out by its shopping and nightlife opportunities. Thus, some of the main shopping thoroughfares are Rua do Diario de Noticias, Rua do Norte and Rua da Atalaia, which are always nice to explore not only due to the shopping-related gratifications one can get, but also due to the fact most of them have been by now completely or partially turned into pedestrian areas.

Plenty of fado houses can be spotted in Bairro Alto, but they are but one of the alternatives one can resort to in order to spend their nights in Lisbon. Thus, Bairro Alto is reputed for fueling the most sparkling nocturnal leisure opportunities, featuring a wealth of bars, gay club and live music scenes. Briefly put, what used to be the bohemian district of Lisbon in the past, much frequented by artists and writers, is now the vibrating and seemingly never sleeping neighborhood of the city.

In terms of sightseeing, Bairro Alto is home to several valuable objectives. Tourists can visit and admire the Garden of Sao Pedro de Alcantara and the Garden of Santa Catarina (both providing excellent panoramic views of Lisbon towards the Tagus River by force of their high geographical location), the Sao Bento Palace, the neighboring Puppet Museum and the National Museum of Ancient Art.

In the close vicinity of Bairro Alto tourists can visit the Estrela Basilica and the Estrela Garden, as well as the Church of Sao Roque.

Bairro Alto
Bairro Alto, Lisboa, Portugal
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