Chiado is located between the Baixa and the Bairro Alto districts of Lisbon, and it can be best described as the hub of the most exhilarating shopping and cultural opportunities in the city. Rua Garrett seems to be paradigmatic in this respect, being lined with all sorts of fashion boutiques and shops. The district is also dotted with theaters and it is reputed for its traditional popularity with the intellectual and artistic elite of the city.

One of the most unfortunate recent incidents which have affected Chiado refers to a major fire in 1988. Subsequently to this fire, most of the district was restored to its former shine, thought sights like the Carmo Monastery and Church have been left virtually untouched by significant reconstruction works. Indeed, this place of worship fascinates by its dramatic look, but for more glamorous sights tourists can just as well head for the Chiado Museum (which displays an exceptional collection of contemporary art) and for the Sao Carlos National Theater (which stands out by its interior lush decorations). A walk in the Camoes Square and a ride with the so-called Elevador de Santa Justa can complement the sightseeing tour of Chiado.

Pleasant relaxation moments can be spent in cafes and eateries like A Brasileira Cafe and Ourivesaria Alianca, so tourists can catch their breath while exploring the hugely popular Chiado district.

Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal
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