The Ancient Convent of the Holy Trinity is, at present, visited by all sorts of tourists, but not for the reasons one might think of at first. Far from keeping its original functionality (place of worship), the monastery accommodates at present the headquarters of one of the most prestigious beer houses in Lisbon, the so-called Cervejaria Trindade.

The convent was built in 1294, and it was used until 1863 (when it was bought by the said brewery) by the Redencao dos Cativos Friars who undertook the mission to rescue the Moorish prisoners. Highlights refer to the 1863 panels of glazed tile designed by Luis Ferreira and to the wall mosaics signed by Maria Keil. The monastery is also home to an art gallery, managed by Cervejaria Trindade, and its surroundings are pegged out by a splendid esplanade.

Ancient Convent of the Holy Trinity (Antico Convento da Santissima Trindade)
2-6, Rua do Sol ao Rato, Lisbon, Portugal
00351 0213 463658
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