The Estrela Basilica is located just nearby one of the most beautiful parks in Lisbon, namely, Jardim da Estrela. The edifice is one of the most breathtaking Neoclassical churches in the capital of Portugal, with visible Baroque and Rococo touches. The structure is overtopped by two slender bell towers which flank the main entrance, while the dome ensures a striking backdrop for the church (it can also be used as lookout, since it provides great views of Lisbon).

The church was built by order of Queen Mary I of Portugal. The construction works started in 1779, but they were completed no sooner than 1790, two years after the death of Jose, son of Mary and prince of Brazil. The interior is dominated by pink, yellow and gray hues lent by the marble tiles used in building the patterns one can now see on the walls and on the floor. Two of the most important highlights are the tomb of Queen Mary I (in the transept) and an elaborated nativity scene (comprising more than 500 figures) by Joaquim Machado de Castro.

Estrela Basilica (Basilica da Estrela)
Largo da Estrela, Lisbon, Portugal
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