If tranquility is what you want, you had better head straight for the Troia Peninsula. Travelers are always astonished by the seemingly unlimited distances of soft white sand and by the exceptionally silent waters that embrace the shores of Troia. The beach can be reached by leaving from Setubal (which is situated at about 40 kilometers south of Lisbon) on a ferry boat. During summer, the beaches that are close to the ferry boat docking area are generally crowded, but if you want less company, just walk a while south along the Atlantic shoreline and you will find fewer sunbathers (mainly naturists).

The area is fairly developed (there is a tourist resort near the beach), but it spreads along such lengths that certain white sandy areas are left unaltered by civilization. If you are lucky you may even “step” (pay attention there) on members of clam populations, which once were practically numerous, but nowadays remain to be seen on fewer beaches and the Troia Beach is one of these.

Tourists are also impressed by the pine forests that occupy the land behind the beach and by the Sado River estuary. The river can be sailed in conventional boats, enriching the tourists’ taste of the natural. Whether they choose to spend a weekend or a week here, travelers to Portugal will have something pleasant to remember.

Troia Beach (Troia Praia)
Troia, Portugal
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