Setubal is located some 40 kilometers south of Lisbon, and it counts as one of the most important ports in Portugal, with an economy thriving on the fishing industry. But the industrial sector aside, there’s plenty to see and to do in Setubal, from a tourist point of view, taking into account the old historical town and the nearby nature attractions one can explore at large while paying a visit to Setubal. Setubal is easily accessible for people departing from Lisbon by means of the buses which leave from Praca de Espanha.

Allegedly founded by Tubal, the son of Cain, Setubal is an ancient city the origins of which float in legend. It is pegged out by the remains of a great historical past, being pegged out by architectural landmarks such as the superb 15th century Church of Jesus, a Manueline gem which impresses by the exterior and by the interior decorative merits. In terms of places of worship, the Church of Santa Maria da Graca (which dates back to the 13th century) is also well worth a visit.

Tourists can also head for The Castelo de Sao Filipe, a 16th century fortress which offers the best panoramic views of the city, now home to a first-hand hotel. The Troia beach and peninsula are two must-visits for people who care to spend more than one day in Setubal and its surroundings, just as the neighboring Arrabida Nature Park, recommendable at its turn for keen hikers. Tourists passionate about historical discoveries can always allow for a trip to the nearby Cetobriga site, where they can admire the remains of an ancient settlement which dated back to the Celtic age.

Setubal, Portugal
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