Administratively pertaining to the municipality of Cascais, Estoril is a must-visit for all tourists who spend their vacation in Lisbon. The town is located some 30 kilometers west of the capital, and it enjoys the reputation of one of the first hand seaside resorts on the Lisbon coast (also referred to as the Estoril-Sintra coast).

Nestling at short distance east of the city of Cascais, Estoril has become a landmark on the tourist map of Portugal and of Europe, for that matter, somewhere around World War Two, when it was often chosen by the bigwigs of the European aristocracy as glitzy shelter, given Portugal’s wholesome neutrality in the war. Thus, Estoril was, for a while at least, a nest of the European royalty, prized by the likes of Carol II of Romania, King Umberto II of Italy, Juan de Borbon (pretender to the throne of Spain in the second half of the 20th century) and Miklos Horthy, regent of Hungary. It’s not an overstatement to say those were, in fact, the heydays of Estoril in terms of tourist reputation.

At present, some of the past glamor of Estoril has faded to a certain extent, though the resort still manages to keep a part of it former reputation. Mass tourism increasingly takes hold of Estoril, crowds of visitors flocking to this Lisbon coast town in order to admire landmarks like the historical Casino Estoril. Casino Estoril used to be the high society meeting place and a nest of spies during World War Two. It still remains the largest casino in Europe, a reputation enhanced by the fact the venue was featured in plenty of internationally popular films.

The beaches in Estoril stand as further attractions, with unchallenged highlights like the Tamariz beach. The golf courses in and around Estoril are some of the most reputed in Europe, and they too enhance the tourist platform of the resort. There are also plenty of tennis courts to be taken into account by holidaymakers of Estoril. Briefly put, Estoril provides a tourist experience not to be missed out by any visitor of Lisbon.

Estoril, Portugal
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