Situated at a half an hour train ride from Lisbon, the Tamariz Beach is popular precisely owing to its proximity to the capital. Moreover, the trains that reach Tamariz are frequent (20-minute frequency), which renders this spot highly accessible to the tourists. The beach is popular amongst foreigners, but also amongst locals. The setting is enchanting, in the center of Estoril, and boasts a broad walkway. Furthermore, it satisfies two types of tourists: those who like sandy beaches and those who would rather walk on pebbly grounds. Swimming is one of the top activities practiced here. Travelers will not miss cafes and restaurants, because there are quite a few, just enough to deal with the large numbers of sunbathers, swimmers, beach lovers. Facilities here (garbage bins, parasols and sun beds) are plentiful, as long as tourists have money in their pockets.

Tamariz, Cascais, Portugal
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