The Baixa district of Lisbon is home to yet another monumental square of the city: Praca dos Restauradores. This square neighbors closely on the Rossio Square with which is shares the presence of the Rossio Train Station (which is actually visible from both of these public venues and stretches on two of the sides of both squares).

This historical square was named in the memory of Portugal’s liberation from the 60-year Spanish rule in 1640. The 30-meter high monumental obelisk which is located in the center of the square and which actually dominates the entire public venue has been engraved with the names of those who fought and dies in the Restoration War. It was designed by the famed Antonio Tomas da Fonseca and embellished with two allegorical statues (works of Simoes de Almeida and Alberto Nunes) which depict in a symbolic manner two liberation-related values: Independence and Victory. The monument was inaugurated in 1886. It is surrounded by a patterned pavement.

The obelisk is, in fact, the one element by which Praca dos Restauradores is easily distinguishable from a distance. However, the artistic patrimony of the square is greatly enhanced by the presence of the abovementioned Rossio Train Station (which stands out in sharp relief by its neo-Manueline façade). The late 18th and early 19th centuries Palacio Foz, the former Eden Cinema (partly, work of Cassiano Branco, impressive by its impeccable Art Deco facade), which is now home to a hotel, and the mid 20th century Condes Cinema, which now accommodates the reputed Hard Rock Cafe of Lisbon (it was designed in 1950 by Raul Tojal), must also me mentioned.

The fact Elevador da Gloria, one of the historical elevators which are part of the funicular system of Lisbon, is located just nearby Praca dos Restauradores is also worth noting, since the funicular rides count as some of the top things to do in Lisbon for visitors who want to sample the charm of the capital to the full extent of its tourist opportunities.

Praca dos Restauradores (Restorers’ Square)
Praca dos Restauradores, Lisbon, Portugal
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