The Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts is part of the so-called Fundacao Ricardo do Espirito Santo Silva. The foundation is in charge with preserving the heritage left by the wealthy banker Ricardo Espirito Santo, whose collection is at present the core patrimony of the Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts.

The collection counts more than 1,300 exhibits, a range of items dating back to as early as the 15th century: from Chinese porcelain to Portuguese furniture, Flemish tapestries, and European silverware. Old books and glazed tiles are also on display. The collection is sheltered in the 17th century Azurara Palace (bought by the banker in 1947), and the exhibits blend in perfectly with the set: they have been arranged such as to render as closely as possible the aesthetic taste cultivated by the Portuguese aristocracy in the past such as not to hinder the functionality of the tools used in the everyday life: exquisite bedrooms, splendid dining rooms, dressing rooms and the like.

Another highlight of the museum refers to several workshops where visitors can see artisans practicing their centuries-old crafts: woodcarving, gilding or bookbinding.

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Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts (Museu de Artes Decorativas Portuguesas)
2, Largo das Portas do Sol, Lisbon, Portugal
Opening hours:
daily (except Tuesdays): 10am to 5pm
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