Situated south of Lisbon, Meco is rather difficult to reach, since the village is serviced by less than 10 buses per day. If tourists leave from Lisbon, they need to get on the bus to Sesimbra, district of Setubal. When they reach Santana, they will get on the buses to the Meco village that we mentioned above. Their efforts will be doubly rewarded, since Meco is one of the freshest and energizing beaches in the area. Here, it’s the traveler and the sea. Tourists are highly likely to come across untouched sandy areas, from where the sea can be admired in tranquility. Amateurs of nudism will certainly be undisturbed here, particularly toward the end stretch of sand on the beach. A bar and an exquisite restaurant will keep travelers in touch with civilization, but also enhance the feeling of an unparalleled episode of their life.

Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal
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