Sesimbra lures visitors with its beaches, nature beauties and traditional fish restaurants. For holidaymakers of Lisbon, the ancient Sesimbra is a wonderful opportunity to escape the city for a day and to descend into a world that has plenty to offer, at least from a tourist point of view. From Lisbon, Sesimbra can be easily reached by the buses which leave from Praca de Espanha.

Sesimbra is located on the Setubal Bay, a wholesome geographical situation which has enabled the development of a centuries-old fishing tradition. Also, given its geo-strategic location, Sesimbra used to be an important seaport during the age of the great discoveries. Of note is also the fact in time Sesimbra used to be the vacation refuge of the kings and aristocracy of Portugal.

The major tourist sights of Sesimbra refer, for instance, to the remains of a Moorish castle which, conquered by King Afonso Henriques in the 12th century, is now the best lookout in Sesimbra, offering stunning views of the town and of its rural surroundings. The Church of Nossa Senhora do Castelo is yet another major tourist attraction. It is located in the proximity of the Moorish castle and, architecturally speaking, it features highlights like the ceramic tiles which cover the inside of the wall and Manueline influences in terms of decorative motifs.

In terms of nature attractions, highly rewarding opportunities are yielded by Sesimbra due to the fact it is located in the Arrabida National Park. The prospects hikers can make if they choose to visits Sesimbra are, thus, as satisfactory as it gets. Yet another interesting and spectacular sight nearby Sesimbra refers to Cabo Espichel, which fetches by the way the cliffs rise from the ocean, creating a dramatic sight pegged out by the menacing verticality of the rock.

As far as the beaches are concerned, the namesake beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Adding the fact plenty of fish restaurants are located in the vicinity, the range of gratifications varies considerably, contributing to the experience of an unforgettable vacation on the Lisbon coast.

Sesimbra, Portugal
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