The National Costume Museum is located in Lumiar, in the Lisbon region of Portugal. It opened in gates in 1977 inside an 18th century palace, the Angeja-Palmela Palace, and its wide collection amounts to several tens of thousands of items, national costumes included. But clothing aside, the collection also includes accessories, toys and pieces related to the history of the development of the textile industry. Some of the exhibits date back to the 14th century.

The museum, so to speak, tries to convey an image of sundry historical ages from the perspective of the fashion trends and industry, which is of no little importance for fashion aficionados. The museum is also well worth a visit due to the fine architectural style embodied by the building which hosts the collection, the said Angeja-Palmela Palace.

National Costume Museum (Museu Nacional do Traje)
Largo Julio de Castilho Lumiar, Lisbon, Portugal
00351 217 567620
00351 217 591224
Opening hours:
Wednesday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm; Tuesdays: 2pm to 6pm
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