The Museum of Sao Roque is sheltered by the Church of Sao Roque which, from the point of view of the amount of sacred artworks, is one of the most prized tourist sights of Lisbon. The church was founded by the Jesuits in the late 16th century, and it stands out by the rich interiors, lushly decorated with invaluable works of art, both aesthetically and pecuniarily speaking (for instance, one of the chapels inside the church is said to be the most expensive in the world), substantiating the wealth, the power and the influence this order of monks used to have at the time.

But speaking about the museum proper, its highlights refer to two torches made of bronze and silver, amounting to some 380 kilos, and to the precious gold embroideries. The collection is complemented by several paintings created by sundry 16th century Portuguese artists, of which the most notable are the portrait of Catherine of Austria, a painting rendering the Virgin of the Plague (it dates back to the 15th century) and a painting which renders the wedding ceremony of King Manuel I.

Briefly put, the Museum of Sao Roque, together with the church, are a must-visit for al tourists who want to discover Lisbon to the full extent of its invaluable historical, cultural and artistic heritage.

Museum of Sao Roque (Museu de Sao Roque)
Largo de Trindade Coelho, Lisbon, Portugal
00351 213 235065
00351 213 235401
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