The Electricity Museum of Lisbon was set up in the impressive Tejo Power Station, a structure built in the early 20th century to specific purposes. Since 2006 it has been sheltering the said museum, which aims to provide an insight into the history of the energy industry, both generally speaking and in terms of the local energy supply system of Lisbon.

The building has kept much of the original installations, such that it can be deemed an attraction of the museum in itself. The chief sections of the museums are those dedicated to covering themes like clean and renewable sources of energy, as well as the major contributors to the discovery of energy and to turning it into a prized resource for the human use. Another interesting and highly interactive section refers to the one which allows visitors to experience on their own sundry electrical phenomena.

The EDP Foundation, the entity which manages the museum, also has an educational mission, being available to organize guided tours for school children. On top of that, the Tejo Power Station is also home to sundry art exhibitions (sculpture, photography, and painting).

Electricity Museum (Museu da Electricidade)
Avenida de Brasilia, Lisbon, Portugal
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