The Communications Museum, which opened its gates to the visiting public no sooner than 1997, is a very interesting site to explore by people keen on the history of communications, in particular on the old manners in which information used to be distributed in Portugal. Thus, the collections showcased by this museum comprise exhibits which cover the theme of the development of printing, postal services and of the more recent television, radio and telephony in the country since the 18th century until the present day.

In this respect, some of the most valuable and popular highlights refer to the National Stamp Collection, to the so-called Communicating Worlds collection and to Future Home for People with Special Needs collection.

The Communications Museum is obviously a venue of special technological and scientific interest, but its worth as a museum also lies in the fact it invites the public to discover the development of the covered fields in an attractive interactive manner, a delight for both the adults and the children.

Communications Museum (Museu das Comunicacoes)
16, Rua do Instituto Industrial, Lisbon, Portugal
00351 213 935000
00351 213 968849
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