Carris is the company in charge with the surface public transport system of Lisbon, managing the bus and tram line networks, as well as the funicular system of the capital of Portugal. In order to recount the story of how the company developed in time, as well as in order to evidence the contribution of the company to the economic and tourist development of Lisbon, Carris has set up a museum, which is roughly a public transport museum. The museum opened in 1999 and it is sheltered by one of the depots of the company, namely, the Santo Amaro depot, which, at its turn, is located right under the 25 de Abril Bridge of Lisbon.

The museum is organized on two sections. One of them, possibly the most popular with the public, refers to a collection of historical trams, buses and horse-drawn carriages showcased in one of the exhibition spaces of the museum, whereas the other features a collection of public transport-related items: tickets, maps, uniforms and items with documentary value.

Holders of a Lisbon Card can enter the museum while enjoying substantial admission discounts.

Carris Museum (Museu da Carris)
101-103, Rua 1 de Maio, Lisbon, Portugal
00351 213 613087
Opening hours:
daily (except Sundays): 10am to 5pm
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