Costa da Caparica is situated at short distance from Lisbon, south of the Tejo River and very easily accessible via means of public transportation. Presently, Portuguese and foreign tourists alike flock toward Costa da Caparica in search of fun. The swarm of people may astonish the traveler, but soon enough their friendliness and warmth will mellow any harsher spirit and invite everybody to indulge in the pleasures of a typically summer location; for what would summer be without parties, bars, concerts and dancing?

The tourist can reach the beaches of the Caparica town (Sereia included) by getting on a train (during summertime) that travels the distances between such beaches. The only thing one needs to remember is to signal when the train reaches the beach that the traveler has in mind. Thus, an example from among the beaches of Costa da Caparica is Praia da Sereia; this will be an outstanding alternative for the tourist amateur of water sports. Other beaches, too, are favorable to the traveler in search of sand areas where he or she can enjoy sunbathing and some music in the background (particularly where there is a bar on the beach).

Praia da Sereia (Sereia Beach)
Sereia, Caparica, Portugal
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