Situated on the Estoril coast in Portugal, only 5 kilometers away from Cascais, and easily accessible by bus or by train, the Guincho Beach (Praia do Guincho) is renowned as one of the most stunning beaches in the Lisbon area and in Portugal, for that matter. The clear waters and favorable atmospheric and wave conditions – strong winds and towering waves – encourage surfers of all kinds (including kitesurfers and windsurfers) to spend days or even entire vacations here. In fact, this particular coastline has a history of having been the “host” of world surfing contests. Currently, several water boarding championships are still held on the Guincho Beach, such as the Body Boarding or the Portuguese National Surfing Championships. The picture is completed by fine sand dunes and amazing sunsets not to miss by any tourist who intends to grasp quite a few special moments in Portugal.

Praia do Guincho is also famous for having been a film set (for several shoreline scenes) some forty-two years ago, in one of the chapters of the James Bond series, namely On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Guincho Beach (Praia do Guincho)
Cascais, Portugal
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