New Year's Eve

Lisbon is a European capital which lives up to its reputation regardless of the moment of the year. The New Year’s Eve is an event of special magnificence in Lisbon, when streets fill up with festal spirit and joy. The epicenter of the event is spotted around the Belem Tower around which plenty of open-air entertainment opportunities, live music performances, light shows and fireworks are put on to the public’s delight.

This is a great moment to be in Lisbon, and tourists have the opportunity to see the locals in their unaffected way of living to the full. Plenty of hotels in Lisbon get ready for this moment, welcoming tourists with enticing packages and offers, since the Magical Night (Noite Magica, as it is called in Portuguese) draws crowds of tourists who flock to Lisbon in order to enjoy the coming of the New Year.

New Year’s Eve / Magical Night (Noite Magica)
Lisbon, Portugal
December the 31st

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

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