Lisbon Marathon

Next to the prestigious Lisbon Half Marathon, the Lisbon Marathon counts as one of the most popular sports events held in the capital of Portugal. Thousands of runners gather in Lisbon from all corners of Europe since, indeed, this marathon is also a point of reference of the athletic challenges on the continent.

The circuit of the race overlaps, at least in part, the circuit of the Half Marathon, including landmarks like Praca do Comercio and districts such as Belem and Parque das Nacoes. Held each year in early December, the Lisbon Marathon takes hold of the capital not only from the perspective of the runners, but also from the point of view of the public who flocks on the streets of the city in order to cheer and to encourage their favorite athletes.

In order to learn all that can be learned about the Lisbon Marathon, including information on the route, the exact date of the event, participation rules and the like, follow the indication below:

Lisbon Marathon (Maratona de Lisboa)
Lisbon, Portugal
early December (around 4th of December)

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

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