Lisbon Fish and Flavors

Lisbon Fish and Flavors is basically a gastronomic event also conceived to draw the tourist attention to the local traditional cuisine of the capital of Portugal. It is, thus, by design, a tourist-oriented festival meant to enhance the visibility of the local produces to the foreign visitors of Lisbon, organized by entities directly interested in the tourist platform of the capital, such as the Tourism Association of Lisbon (Associacao do Turismo de Lisboa) and the Lisbon city Hall (Camara Municipal de Lisboa). Another organization involved in this event refers to the so-called Essencia do Vinho.

The gastronomic and oenological coordinate of the festival is complemented by music performances and sundry other entertainment opportunities. As far as the sampling events are concerned, they are organized in some of the most prestigious restaurants of Lisbon.

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Lisbon Fish and Flavors (Peixe em Lisboa)
Lisbon, Portugal
April the 7th to April the 17th

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

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