Art Lisbon

Art Lisbon is one of the main and, in fact, the greatest opportunity for contemporary art lovers to share their passion for the latest trends and creations in the field. This is a top-of-the-range cultural event of Portugal, and its draws tens of national and international arts galleries to the International Exhibition Center each year in late November in the attempt to promote cutting edge productions and to educate the public in the spirit of receiving these creations.

Collectors and critics gather, thus, together, reuniting into a community where the love for art is the only premise and the only inspiration of all events occasioned by Art Lisbon.

For complete information on the program, exhibitors and adjoining events of the next edition of Art Lisbon, use the details below:

Art Lisbon (Arte Lisboa)
Feira Internacional de Lisboa, Rua do Bojador, Lisbon, Portugal
23rd to 27th of November

Rua do Bojador, Lisbon, Portugal

Rua do Bojador, Lisbon, Portugal

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