Almada International Theatre Festival

The Almada International Theater Festival is organized by the Municipal Theater of Almada (Teatro Municipal de Almada), and despite the fact the said theater is, as the name suggests, located in the neighboring Almada, Lisbon too is home to sundry events related to the festival. For instance, the Belem Cultural Center shelters some of the representations.

The Almada International Theatre Festival is one of the most important theater festivals in the entire Portugal, which always works as an incentive for people who harbor interests in expanding their knowledge in the field with new and surprising experiences while spending their vacation in Lisbon. The festival occasions the coming of sundry national and international theater companies, which only guarantees the diversity and the quality level of the performances.

In order to learn about the history of the festival, as well as about the following editions, resort to the indications below:

Almada International Theatre Festival (Festival Almada)
Lisbon, Portugal
early July

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

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